sweetser logo
Project Name: Sweetsert Store (independent study project)

Used Apps: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Job Description: This project is a detailed study of how to design three important elements for a commercial, humanitarian or service project. The study starts from scratch. First, why was this project chosen if it was fictional, or the history of this project if it was realistic. Secondly, I talk in the study about the three elements and how they came through a comprehensive study of scientific studies and careful research, and thirdly, I talk in detail about each design element and the problems and ideas that I encountered during my design journey.
you can read the detailed studying in the procces book here

Compenent 1: Logo (study guide) + Business Card + Letterhead

the logo on the sign letterhed with business card

Compenent 2: The Store Menu

The face of menu the back of menu

Compenent 3: The store supplies

sweetsert supplies